Message from the Richmond Hill Board of Trade

The Richmond Hill Board of Trade is so happy to welcome an exciting new BIA to the Richmond Hill landscape. Led by Raika Sheppard, the BIA is poised to transform the downtown core into a vibrant, welcoming experience.

It’s been so impressive to watch Raika and her Board members in action as they develop the plans that will be realized over the next few years. As a starting point – congratulations on your beautiful new website!

We’re all engaged in a balancing act right now, working to stay safe, keep our customers safe and at the same time, stay in business. One of the best tools for this challenging time is a strong web presence.

I’m really thrilled to see the work that’s been done by the Village of Richmond Hill BIA to put their members on the internet map. We’re looking forward to working with you to build a stronger Richmond Hill – both virtual and physical.

The RHBOT has been a proud supporter of our local business community for more than 40 years. That business community is built on the history of our downtown core and we’re expecting all kinds of growth and success. I have absolute confidence we’ll get through these tough times together.

Karen Mortfield is the Executive Director of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade. For more information about the Richmond Hill Board of Trade, please visit their website at