Happy Thanksgiving Richmond Hill!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Village of Richmond Hill BIA!

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that can be celebrated and cherished by everyone.

What are you thankful for? Here at the Village of Richmond Hill BIA, we are thankful for all of the
businesses that make our downtown core great and for all the customers that help our downtown
businesses thrive!

Even though this year due to the pandemic, it is advised that people celebrate Thanksgiving in their
homes, there are a few ways you could better someone else’s Thanksgiving, while keeping everyone
healthy and safe.

We encourage you to select a charity of your choice and give back to those in the community that are
less fortunate than we are.

There are many great organizations right here in Richmond Hill, such as the Richmond Hill Community
Food Bank and Yellow Brick House. You may find the links below:



Thank you from the team at Village of Richmond Hill BIA and may you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!

Raika Sheppard is the current Chair of the Village of Richmond Hill BIA.

She is dedicated to strengthening the BIA business community and improving the vibrancy and beauty of historic downtown Richmond Hill.