Community Improvement Plan (CIP) – Grants

Dear Downtown Richmond Hill Property Owners:

The Richmond Hill Office Development and Downtown Local Centre Community Improvement Plan (CIP) will assist in supporting and incentivizing new office development in Richmond Hill’s core areas.

Properties within the BIA boundary are subject to support for downtown revitalization by incentivizing façade improvements, enhanced landscaping, and new signage.

The CIP outlines three grant programs that businesses and property owners can utilize:

1.Tax Increment Equivalent Grant (TIEG) for Office:

The Tax Increment Equivalency Grant supports the development of new office space that is 1,600 square metres or greater within the City’s Centres and Corridors as well as the Newkirk and East Beaver Creek Business Parks through the return of portions of property taxes over a 10-year period.

2.Building Renovation Grant Program:

The Building Renovation Grant Program provides grants up to $50,000 for building renovations resulting in the creation of new office space within the Downtown Local Centre, Oak Ridges Local Centre and the Newkirk and Beaver Creek Business Parks.

3. Façade Improvements, Landscape, and Signage Grants:

The Façade Improvement, Landscape, and Signage Grant provides grants ranging in the value of $1,000 to $32,5000 for projects that are related to the revitalization of the Downtown Local Centre.

Visit for more details on grant applications.

For assistance with your grant Applications, please feel free to contact Raika Sheppard, your BIA Chair.